Justin Bieber "Help me to find the old Kidrauhl"

hi... i know in these days i'm not the happiest boy in the world but it's me, your Justin.
I'm a bit scared and worried to write to you now, with all the things that have happened in these months, but, anyway, I will. Since the Believe tour started its like if the world had collapsed on me. There have been so many events that bhrought me down. when i've got drug,girls, do you remember it well? My birthday, which was a disaster,do you remember it well? The death of Avalanna you remember well? When I was sick on stage,do you remember it well? Please, delete my mistakes and these bad memories. Just remember one thing: you are my life, and that is why I go along, just for you. I know I've changed, but I also know that I can't stay a sixteen year old boy forever. Life goes on.
What makes me feel bad, however, is that no one is aware of the efforts that I'm doing to make good music and to be finally respected. I'm tired, beliebers,i'm so tired.
Sometimes, when no one can hear me, I cry. I think of you, you have to endure every day because of me, and I wonder whether its worthwhile to make you feel bad for me. I know that you cry because of me sometimes. I know you're sad when you can't see me, stand beside me, hug me ... believe me, it's the same for me. I wish I had the time and opportunity to spend an afternoon with each of you, but I can't. And trust me when I tell you that it hurts.
You do a lot for me, every day.you allow me to win prizes, to concerts, to get anywhere my music ... and I what I give you in return? I can't seem to do much for you. You say you listen to my music and you feel immediately better, but I don't believe you forever. Music can't always fix everything. Record my voice and let you all listen isn't enough. To you, to feel good, i know that you need to spend an afternoon with me on the couch, watching a movie embraced and talk about everything that makes you feel bad. But I can't give you this. I can't fulfill this wish that you carry in your heart. I love you, beliebers, and it kills me to know that you are sick. You know you're bad for me, then ... The other night, to Billboard, I know that you haven't shown the vitality that distinguishes me. I smile every day for you, because I know that you want to see me happy, but inside, believe me, I'm dying. I made so many mistakes in this period, perhaps too many, and I'm afraid of getting lost ... sorry for everything, sorry if I'm not perfect, I should be for you because you deserve it. I do not know what's happening to me, I just know that its like if the whole world hates Justin Bieber. Maybe I really need to take a break, stop working and devote myself for a while 'only to you. I'd like to go around the world to come into your home and make you many surprises, make you happy at last for real ... My tears, my life, are your tears. I know you are pained to see how I'm at this moment, but life is so hard. I don't have time for me, for you, i can't connect on twitter to respond much more ... we are moving away, my beliebers. It breaks my heart to say it, but its like this. Its not your fault. It 's all my fault. When I think I do the right thing instead I always inexcusable mistakes. I'm choosing the wrong company, wrong actions, perhaps even the ideals wrong ... I've always tried to convey something, but now I don't feel an example for you anymore. I've always told to smile in any situation, and instead lately are the first one who gets depressed and cries himself.
I ask you to help me, beliebers. I do not know who I am anymore, I'm losing myself. I'm losing Kidrauhl. Since when Kidrauhl needs to take off his shirt to feel loved by his fans? Since when Kidrauhl goes around with pants that have a horse at the knees? Since when Kidrauhl smiles so little to meet & greet, when he meets his reasons for living? Since when Kidrauhl dodges fans, and walk among them with his head down? Since when Kidrauhl salt on a stage without his classic smile? Since when Kidrauhl feels wrong on stage?
My loves, I'm afraid. So I need you ... I'm afraid of losing myself and not finding the way back.i've changed, even if you claim not to. You are here, support me, and every day that challenged the world yells at you because I've changed. Before everyone saw an innocent kid who loved making music, but now what do the world see? One boy smoking, one arrogant pissed off that goes around bare-chested and is filled with tattoos ... and the worst is that I have made this image created by himself, without help from anyone.
You know that i'm not like this , right? You know that in reality in my face still lurks Kidrauhl's smile, right? You know that I have never forgotten our Common Denominator, right? You know that for me you are still the most indelible tattoos with which I covered myself, right? Please tell me that its like this ...
I love you, Beliebers, and I ask you not to leave me, now or ever. I need you, you have no idea how much I need to feel your closeness ... please, help me to find the Kidrauhl which you are in love. i'm so sorry
Yours forever,


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